WebTV/Web-i Compatable Games

ALIEN: The Interactive Story
Creepy, but decent.

The classic strategy game comes to the net.

Castle Quest
An RPG with decent graphics.

What can I say?? Its Chess... Still fun though!

A fairly good classic puzzler.

Cyber Dungeon
An on-line RPG. Uses frames & Javascript. Can be quite long. Once there, click on "THE GAME" to play.

A fully playable download for WebTV Plus!!! Rock On!!!!!

A brief on-line RPG. Very Interesting.

Earth: 2025
Create & run a country. Strategy & tactics are a must. Very Entertaining!

Electric Lighthouse Hangman
Cool Javascript hangman game. Even remembers your score via cookies.

Gold Runner
A cool fully animated game. Just like the PCs get. Controls are tough... but can be played. Wait for all graphics to load, and for the title page to show before clicking start game.

Javascript Aliens
Cheesy shooting game. Still entertaining.

Mars or Bust
Cute little game... kind of an intergalactic South Park.

Another classic.

Mine Sweeper
A classic strategy game.

An interesting parody of the classic game MYST.

Interesting. Full field strategy.

Murder Barney the Dinosaur
This is too funny for words, cheap looking, but a great stress reliever.

Plastic Surgeon to the Stars
Be a real "cut-up". Mix and match facial features of famous stars to create the next big star, or next side-show attraction.

Yep... Pong is here... no its not making a comeback.... its just something to do. :-)

Space Merchant
The game of intergalactic wheeling & dealing.

Stellar Crisis
Heavy Space strategy game. Very good.

The Stickman Murder Mystery
Cute-sy little detective games featuring semi-stick people and the crimes they do.

A game for those who can't afford Pen & paper after purchasing their Web TV.

A good edition of the classic puzzle game.

A graphic adventure through the 1997 movie Turbulence.

Twilight Castle
A semi-spooky adventure/puzzle game.

Create & run an empire. Heavy strategy game, which includes some nice graphics. Very Entertaining!

The Victorian Crime Club
A great continuing mystery, from the makers of Who is Jack the Ripper. The saga continues. Are you up to the challenge detective?

Virtual Paintball
Graphics intensive strategy. Zap your virtual opponents with paintballs.

Web Kingom
A strange, but playable financial strategy game.

Take out the former president and his cronies. Difficult to control on WebTV... but can be fun.

Who is Jack the Ripper?
Semi-gory detective game. Not for the young or faint of heart.

You Don't Know Jack for WebTV Plus
Another Fully downloadable game for the WebTV Plus. Awesome gameshow fun!!